Curtis Tremblay
Curtis Tremblay

Pedal Power VR


Created as part of Method:CRM's 2017 Hackathon, Pedal Power VR was completed over a 24-hour timespan in order to explore the Google VR SDK.

In this game, players must use a stationary bicycle to power a light bulb, and ward off endless waves of enemies. Any enemy who enters the light will be evaporated; however as the light grows dimmer, the enemies will begin to get closer.

Utilizing the motion tracking functionality of the Google Cardboard headset, players are presented with a hands-free, accessible control scheme powered by real action. The user is seated at a stationary bike and given the VR headset. From here, the players natural motion as they pedal will give power to the light, keeping the enemies at bay. Should the player remain stationary for too long, the light will lose power and the attackers will get closer.